Web Sites & Mobile Sites

Yes, we are different! We build web sites with newest technologies. Moreover, all our web site products are mobile devices compatible, you get two versions of web sites with the price of one. These "One Site Fits All Devices" products will give your visitors optimal user experience irrespective of the devices they use. Contact us today and let us take your web presence to a new level!

Mobile Apps

Go Mobile! It is the right time! The popularity of mobile apps has continued to rise, as their usage has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users. Tens of millions of mobile apps are downloaded every day. Let us create one for you so that your customers may bring your business with them where ever they go.

Desktop Applications

Though Web and Mobile applications offer considerable advantages over desktop applications, there is a very narrow chance of desktop applications becoming outdated, as desktop applications still deliver higher levels of security and interactivity. Contact us today, we can help you determine whether this approach is the best fit for your company.

MS Office Applications

Do you know MS Office can be tailored to fit Your need, be automated to save Your time and efforts and be embeded to other applications to enrich your applications? Yes, we do these type of works, contact us today, let us create Your "Office"!

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Business Intelligence technologies provide businesses with methods and measurements to more easily view, analyze and understand the data. We create tools and reports to help you access your data easily, we transform almost any data into powerful, dynamic contents, delivering the information you need securely, simply and automatically.

System Maintenance & Support

We do regular software system maintenance, system support, new software upgrade, disaster recoveries and etc. When you have problems, don't be panic, we are here to help!


They are the brightest developers I've found. Where other people looked at this project and passed on it because it was too complex, the consultant from this company spent an hour or two studying and knew it well enough to dive in. I wish all the people I worked with were as bright and creative as consultants from this company.

Mike Baker
Dorian Business Systems, Inc.

Infonology is awesome. They took a very difficult and complex project and delivered high quality results ON TIME. I am very impressed with the company's ability to take an existing project (with no documentation) and add much needed functionality to it in a short amount of time. I have already hired this company for much larger work.

Chad Crandall

Highly recommended! Infonology is great! They are able to do everything I wanted and more! The company has a high sense of integrity. Great communication and fast response times!

Gareth Young

I am thankful Infonology was able to step to a challenge we were facing with Reporting Services and integration with our client application. The consultant is diligent, and does great work.

Ted Catalioto
CEG Eenergy, LLC.

I cannot say enough about Infonoogy for the quality of work and amazing communication. This is certainly a company I will be using for years to come. Great work!

John Greene
Hot Rants Media, LLC.

Such good work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! IT WORKS! I am going to scream your company's name all over Facebook and my web site !!!!! You're a genius !

Don Perry
Terzetto Enterprises LLC.